Theoretically Zimbabwe is currently operating on a multi-currency system whereby USD, Rand, Euro, Pound, Pula and Renminbi are all accepted as legal tender along side locally issue bond-notes that are supposedly par with the USD. In practice, prices are quoted in USD and all other currencies and card payments are traded at very unfavorable rates to the cash USD. Non-USD cash payments using local bond notes, electronic transfers, debit & credit card payments are generally discounted by merchants to card USD cash. For this reason, non-USD cash payments are used mainly for local transactions whilst extremely scarce hard cash USD is rationed to pay for imports, fuel being one of them. As cash USD gets more scarce, so does imported fuel.  Fuel availability is  starting to become erratic again and this looks set to worsen. The last time this happened, fuel was still available to those who had cash USD.

For this reason, we strongly suggest is best to bring your money in cash USD of small denominations so you don’t get given too much dodgy change. Remember, there is a USD1,000 limit on how much cash you can leave the country with so budget wisely.