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Welcome, I’m Sally Bown, I grew up in the Raffingora district and have 30 years experience in in-bound tourism and problem-solving. I also run self-drive safari catering, bookings and hire service www.manapools.com. I have a passion for my family and especially my three grandchildren. For 5 years our team has been working together to provide secure, comfortable, connected accommodation for business travellers, tourists and foreign-based Zimbabweans visiting home. We do not compromise on comfort, service, cleanliness, bandwidth or DSTV and see no reason to overcharge. We are born and bred Zimbabweans who believe that the future of our nation is largely determined by everyday people giving their best with  smile. We recognise our individual needs to earn a living but also to grow and learn new things as a team. Each of our team has their own entrepreneurial endeavours beyond sunbird. Allow me to introduce them:

Hi, I’m Costa Kupupurika, I grew up in the Bindura region and maintain a rural homestead there where I spend one week a month with my wife and small child and run a poultry business. I enjoy wildlife, fishing and cooking. Warm welcome to Sunbird Guest House!

Hi, my name is Abel Kupupurika, I’m Costa’s brother, also from Bindura region I’m happily married and enjoy travelling, I am interested in cooking.

Hi, I’m Chris Shayamunda, I’m from Murehwa district where I am establishing a small convenience store. I am happily married and interested in hospitality and cooking.

..Welcome, we hope you enjoy your stay with us!

Harare B&B Sunbird Guesthouse


Manapools.com camping catering  and rental service:

  • Camping equipment rental – coolerboxes, trunks, gas bottles, tents, chairs, tables, pots, pans, cutlery, jerrycans and water containers
  • 4×4, double-cab rentals from Harare at reasonable rates

Airport Transfers

  • Fly into Harare and let us collect you from the airport, host you overnight the at Sunbird Guest House in Harare and present you with the keys to a rented 4×4 fully loaded with all the food, kit and permits you will need to self-drive Mana Pools / Chitake

Value-add services (if you utilise any of our other services)

  • Assist with Mana Pools/Chitake bookings and deposits
  • Collection of permits, printed advice sheets for border crossing, driving in Zimbabwe, ZimParks check-in procedures
  • Free responsible disposal for Mana Pools carry-out trash in Harare after your trip

Mana Pools is the only park in Zimbabwe where visitors are allowed to walk unguided in the wild. Let Manapools.com help you arrange your trip to this bucket-list destination

Mana Pool

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